Harry Rosen

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by Lois Rosen

Hirsch Rozinko was born 15 March 1889 in Daugavpils, Latvia (then Dvinsk, Russia). He sailed to the U.S. to join his sister in 1908. His brother Louis arrived in 1914. Both Rosen brothers were drafted into the U.S. Army in WWI. Louis was a musician and was assigned to play violin for the officers. Harry was sent into battle. His family says he was never the same when he returned, and he was referred to by family as “Harry who was gassed in the war”. Harry wrote on the U.S. WWI Jewish Servicemen Questionnaires, 1918-1921 (ancestry.com, see document below) that he suffered the effects of mustard gas 18 October 1918 and was sent to Allerey Hospital at Saône-et-Loire. He returned to the U.S., married, and had 4 sons. Harry died in 1962 in New Haven, CT. Louis married and had 3 sons, and died in 1981 in Brooklyn, NY.