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Preserving our past for our future

FamilyRoutes designs beautiful and informative family tree scrolls, and creates highly customized family history portfolios or books that may include research, documents, stories, photos, maps and more. These projects record and preserve family memories and information for all time, and often make treasured gifts for weddings, retirements, birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones.

When families wish to learn more about their ancestry, our genealogical research team uncovers truths of past generations and their stories. We weave family history into the life stories of recent and current generations to create an intricate family picture and memorialize the legacies that are unique to each family. Our research includes finding and compiling documents, photos, newspaper articles and numerous other records that can span several hundreds of years and many geographical routes. Projects often lead to discoveries and new connections for an enriched family history that can be shared, passed down and augmented over time.

Our Experience

LOIS OGILBY ROSEN is a former lawyer and English teacher who has spent the last ten years researching family histories. She is on the board of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles (JGSLA), and was Co-Chair of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies Conference held in Los Angeles in 2010. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.

After traveling to Latvia and Lithuania, Lois published her stories and research in Roots-Key, the journal of JGSLA. Additionally, Lois has given presentations on how to do family research, on her own specific family discoveries, and on how to create large family tree charts. She has spoken in many Los Angeles venues, in Salt Lake City, Boston and Washington, DC. Lois has researched her husband's Russian Jewish roots as well as her own Scots Irish family history.

Our Services

FamilyRoutes options may include any combination of the following:

Heirloom family history album

Print-ready family history book

Flash drive of documents, photos, and charts

Custom-crafted print-ready family tree

Family history report, including Indexed list of family members and research source citations

Directions and suggestions for further research


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